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AI Is Delivering A Competitive Edge

Updated: Feb 28

These and many other fascinating insights are from Deloitte Insights'Survey: State of AI in the Enterprise, Third Edition: Thriving in the Era of Pervasive AI. A PDF of the study is available for download here (28 pp., PDF, no opt-in). Deloitte surveyed 2,737 IT and line-of-business executives between October and December 2019 from nine countries. To qualify for the study, all responding executives needed to have experience evaluating, budgeting for and implementing Celebrity Tokyo escorts AI investments. Deloitte also recruited technology subject-matter experts in AI and machine learning. Please see page 4 of the study for additional details on the methodology.

Gaining a competitive edge by improving process efficiency, enhancing existing products and service and inventing new ones is where AI is delivering value across all enterprises today. Deloitte's study found that improving process efficiency by using AI to reduce and eliminate manually repetitive tasks is a quick win. The more AI becomes an integral part of how organisations perceive opportunities the stronger they become at enhancing existing products and develop new ones. The pandemic is proving to be the crucible all enterprises needed to become stronger at defining AI and acting on use cases that streamline and secure their customers' many interactions every day. The quickest way for AI to become part of any enterprises' muscle Tokyo escorts memory is to take on customers' constraints head-on and see them as valuable data points on how to excel. Customer constraints hold the insights needed to excel at AI.

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