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Good Shape All Around With Beautiful Ayumi

Updated: Mar 2

High-class escort Ayumi is a friendly Japanese escort model with good shape all around I can see her turn heads on the street if dressed correctly for sure wanted something black with black lingerie and heels which she delivered.

The model in front of me was definitely Ayumi from Celebrity Tokyo escort agency, she had professional make up and she looks as good as on her pictures, she was wearing Dior gown while I seeing her. She still looked perfect and just as hot as the profile pics.

After beautiful Ayumi got into my hotel room and we got the initial chat out of the way, we went to a bar near my hotel and have more nicely chat together.

We started getting to know each other and more interested about all behind this meeting with Ayumi is not only for sex, it is also the understanding for the Japanese escort culture and more relaxing session for my memory in Japan

All in all is a decent punt, I have to admit that i was extremely satisfy about Ayumi's beautiful look as good as on her profile and her services. I think Ayumi is a perfectly gorgeous Japanese escort beauty because she had made an effort with her appearance and body. I was happy with the extra and I was more than happy to see her more than once or take her home with me........if possible.

Reviewed By Haruto R.

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