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Japan Golden Week Travel - By escorts tokyo

Updated: Feb 28

April 29 "Showa Day" - the birthday of Emperor Showa April 29 is the birthday of Emperor Showa. It was designated as a legal national holiday in Japan in 2007, and the original "Green The day of the "Green Day" was changed to "Showa Day" (昭和の日), and the original "Green Day" was changed to May 4th.

May 3 "Constitution Memorial Day" - the day commemorating the implementation of the Constitution in Japan

May 3 is Japan's "Constitution Memorial Day" (Constitution Memorial Day), which was established to commemorate the "Constitution of Japan" implemented on May 3, 1947, and was enshrined in the "Happy Day Law" promulgated and implemented in 1948 the following year. It is designated as one of the Tokyo escorts holidays in Japan. May 4th "Green Day" - a day of gratitude for the bounty of nature

"Green Day" (みどりの日) was originally scheduled for April 29, the birthday of Emperor Showa Hirohito,

and was designated as a national holiday in the "Celebration Day Law" implemented in 1948; after the death of Emperor Showa, this day was renamed "Green Day" commemorates Hirohito, a biologist who loved nature deeply during his lifetime, and also hopes to use this to deepen Japanese people's awareness of nature conservation. Later, with the revision of the law in 2005, "Green Day" was moved to May 4th in 2007, and the original April 29th was renamed "Showa Day".

May 5th "Children's Day" - Japanese Children's Day & Dragon Boat Festival

May 5th is Japan's Dragon Boat Festival (端午の节句) and Children's Day. Since 1948, it has been established as Japan's legal holiday "Children's Day" (こどもの日) to pray for the happy growth of children and to thank their mothers the gift of fertility.

If traveling to Japan happens to be during the Golden Week holiday, there are a few points that need special attention! For example, banks or post offices are basically closed at this time, so it will be more difficult to handle financial procedures or mail packages; and for tourists, the more troublesome problems are severe traffic jams, large crowds, and hard to get tickets , Hotel air tickets are difficult to book and other issues.

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