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CEO Clients Review of Airi S.

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you Miss Airi S.

Although she is serving as a famous porn star escort even as her main job, she thought that she would like to "try new experiences". She was trying to treat it according to the condition of her body and mind regularly, but she also want to try hard so that she can feel pleasant by adding ingenuity that makes her feel excited. She was delighted to have given you a valuable time of an exchange meeting, satisfied everyone. Airi think whether more attendance to the evening by professional relationship will increase, everyone, thank you.

The beautiful Airi is not only a charm of a lady like an actress, but also a rich treatment career and a pleasant heartfelt complaints of pear, a behavior like a model drifting a marvelous aroma is also an enemy if absolutely It is a beautiful sister who will not relax. I long for her all the same as a woman. What is searching thing? Is it hard to find? In the dream (in the hands of Airi san). Don't you want to try it? Moment of shining 18 kilometers. Please enjoy everyone.

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