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Name: Rei
Age: 23
Nationality: Japan 
Weight: 110 bl
Status: 34B
Hair: Black
Eye: Black
Language: Japanese
Rei has a very sexy body to attract you, she enjoy teasing her clients and present best escort services, you will get long with beautiful Rei because she is very opening mind. She’s seductive, intelligent, and sexy you will find any perfect personality on Rei. She will help you to experience world class escort services while your business trip in Japan. What are you waiting for?

CEO clients' reviews

From The Black Stone Group (John P. - COO)

I booked Rei of my holiday weekend in Tokyo!! Rei is A beautiful model who has a magical atmosphere! She has the Girls' likeness Cleanliness and best escort services!! She is also a fresh face you will never see, I recommend Rei for your private escort service in Tokyo.

From Jasmine International holdings (Pete B. - President )

I flight Rei to visit me on my birthday for 3 nights in New York.

Rei could be in any status lightly surpasses girls around that! It is certainly not due to her kindness aura. Enjoy wrapped in relaxingly relaxing air, please feel the happiness when you meet Rei.


Rei is Erotic but somewhere elegant, sensual and she is a very cute Japanese escort. It is such a wonderful woman who has such multifaceted charm and creates deep sense of temptation.

From The Ford Motor Group (Mr. Walker - COO)


First of all, Rei had a great service that I never have before!! Rei is a Slender and full of sense of neat. She provide perfect girlfriend experience.

From The Banyan Tree Holdings (Alex S. - CTO)

Rei has all model looks, style, atmosphere, character and nice. She is impressed me of our time together! ! ! Receive her massage, and shyly confront your love to her. You will certainly be in time like a dream. I would like to recommend you her services tonight! my introduction with confidence experience with Rei! Beautiful decision! !

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