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Delightful and Passionate.

You can keep your Batman and Robin, Holmes and Watson, Thelma and Louise, or any other ‘dynamic duo’ you care to mention, Alyssa are the only lady worth talking about! This delightful, passionate and outrageously sexy lady worked wonderfully to give me a fabulously ‘effortless’ session – it was as if I was with two old friends who were totally into each other, and me, and were just intent on giving and accepting pleasure all round – one of the loveliest sessions I’ve ever had (with escorts or otherwise).

Reviewed by Rob J.

All two of us were always involved – Alyssa kissing me and pretty much anything else we could think of – absolutely brilliant. And just being able to hug and caress those fabulous bodies of theirs throughout was SO raunchy! And all the while we kissed and kissed and kissed. We just had great FUN – this girl is a complete JOY to spend time with! Just wonderful! Then, no rush to get rid of me – chat and shower, before Alyssa kissed me goodbye and energized by one of the most delightful and sexy lady out there.

Reviewed by Rob J.

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