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Japan is a gourmet foodie paradise; Tokyo is the city with the most beautiful escorts and restaurants with Michelin stars in the world, with a total of 302 Michelin stars. What makes Japanese food so special just like delicious Tokyo escort is the quality of ingredients, the simplicity and purity of the dishes and time-perfected techniques.

Traditional Japanese cuisine or “Washoku” was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list to ensure the protection and preservation of their culinary traditions and culture, becoming the second country to gain this recognition after France.

It may surprise you that to become a Sushi chef, a trainee may spend between 10 and 15 years in training. This meticulous care is reflected in all aspects of Japanese food and you will be wowed by the precision, perfection and aesthetics of food in Japan.

Many Tokyo escorts like to have a nice sushi dining with clients. In fact, aesthetics is an important part of the presentation of a dish and you will find dishes so beautifully presented that you cannot bear to eat it as they are so beautiful like your Tokyo escorts from Asian Doll house escort agency.

Japan, a country with such diversity from its chaotic and kooky cities like Tokyo and Osaka, to it’s scenic mountains and a long history of culture and tradition.  A holiday to Japan will include delicious Japanese food, scenic temples and shrines, Zen gardens, rich culture and crazy experiences you could only imagine in your dreams.

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