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Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce America's royal couple?

Updated: Feb 28

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce America's royal couple? Experts agree it feels that way — and there are several reasons why.

It's been four months since the romance was revealed between the two 34-year-olds, and public interest hasn't waned. Although the Grammy-winning singer has been on hiatus from her record-breaking "Eras Tour" in the U.S. since August, she's brought her stardom to a stadium near you — if the Kansas City Chiefs have been in town, that is. When Taylor finally met Travis's brother, Jason Kelce, last weekend, it's all the internet could talk about for days.

Famous people coupling up is nothing new; however, it's been a while since the pairing of two stars has caused such a stir.

"There are a couple of reasons the interest in Taylor and Travis has not slowed down. For starters, Swift's die-hard fans, who continue to grow her fan base week after week, always show up or tune in to support the singer and her relationship. Others can't help but tune in out of curiosity," Torossian explains.

But it's deeper than that.

"People instinctively seek out joint experiences, we want to say they were there or tuned in when something major happens, and we want to be the ones who pick up on the small details that either prove the relationship is real or PR," he shares, adding he doesn’t “think the public interest is dying down any time soon."

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