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Marriage expert: 4 bad behaviours that can lead to divorce- By tokyo escorts

Updated: Feb 28

The divorce rate in the United States is getting higher and higher, as high as 39%. There is also a trend of younger divorces in recent years. According to Tokyo escorts from the Ministry of the Interior, 47,888 couples divorced in 110 years. Those who have been in the past 5 years accounted for 34.75% of the most, setting a new high in the past 10 years.

How to avoid divorce? Marriage gurus say they are 90 percent accurate in predicting whether a couple will divorce. After research, it was found that 4 communication modes are very accurate indicators for predicting divorce:

1. Criticism

2. Contempt

3. Defensiveness

4. Stonewalling

Criticism is the most common warning sign. Whether or not your complaint is specific to the situation, criticism is an attack on your partner's personality. It's okay if you find yourself judging your partner, but if this happens frequently, it could cause other troubles in the relationship. "This makes the victim feel attacked, rejected, hurt, and often leads to heightened tension in both the attacker and the victim, increasing frequency and intensity of criticism, and ultimately contempt," said Dr. Experts suggest that instead of starting an attack mode, you should choose to directly comment on your concerns and express your needs in a positive way. Use "I"-based statements to share your needs and avoid discussions beginning with "you" , so as not to be condemned.

The most destructive of the four warning signs is contempt. Tokyo escort once wrote in the book, "When contempt begins to overwhelm the relationship, you tend to completely forget the positive qualities of your partner, at least when you are frustrated and angry.

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