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Miss Sayaka Complete The Fantasy!

My sixth visit to Sayaka.

I’m still bowled-over by her - Sayaka is GENUINELY beautiful, with a beyond-lovely face you’d imagine you’d NEVER tire of waking up next to on a lazy-languid Sunday morning! Personally, I adore her body just the way it is – I love to ‘wallow’ in it – tall, tanned and busty, and still curvy-voluptuous – but she’s now out running, so toning up – as I’ve said before, kinda Botticelli meets Lara Croft – I love it!

Reviewed by Aaron S.

Essentially, Sayaka a Japanese babe, with stammeringly sparkling eyes, and a smile that lights up the room! And dimples – man-melting, and making her even more adorable (if that were possible)! You could ever hope to meet. Happy, cheerful, smiley, mischievous, sensual, sophisticated, flirty, warm-heated – and sassy, smart and clever (great to chat to). She effortlessly mixes a gentle and affectionate loveliness with a cheeky. Sayaka goes all-out to make you feel relaxed so you’ll completely enjoy your time in her company. Sayaka changed into a black, full-body, open-crotch, fishnet cat-suit - and put the Louboutins back on.

Reviewed by Aaron S.

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