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Tokyo escorts are one of Japan’s most popular services for visitors. From extensive pre-war architecture, fascinating geisha culture, dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants and stunning temples, Tokyo escorts should definitely be on your Japan vacation itinerary. However, there are also some great day trips from Tokyo and the train system in Japan makes is very easy to get out of the city to enjoy some of these nearby destinations. Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world. According to a study conducted by Price water house Coopers, the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo-Yokohama) of 38 million people had a total GDP of $2 trillion in 2012 (at purchasing power parity), which topped that list.

Tokyo is a major international finance center; it houses the headquarters of several of the world's largest investment banks and insurance companies, and serves as a hub for Japan's transportation, publishing, electronics and broadcasting industries. During the centralised growth of Japan's economy following World War II, many large firms moved their headquarters from cities such as Osaka (the historical commercial capital) to Tokyo, same as many Japanese escort agency in an attempt to take advantage of better access to the government.

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