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Review Of Beautiful Risa

A few weeks ago, I got an e mail alerting me to some new parties to be called PP & Party and I decided to give the first party last Monday a try and I am pleased to say I had a great time. For a party review normally I would give you a summary of the line up of models but this was a multi model party with a mix of party girls, some I knew, others I had not met, plus a number of genuine swinger ladies so I cannot list them all but I will give the names of those I played with, where I can. So I called Celebrity Tokyo escort agency for the booking.

After a shower I had a wander around the upstairs rooms where a lot of action was taking place. I found the lovely Bella dressed to thrill in stockings and Rika attending to a couple of guys. Once I had the chance, I got up on the bed so she could give me a suck.

All the girls, including the swingers, were very busy during the first hour or so. After another walk around I found Kaori, a slim young model was free and joined her on the bed for some fund.

In the room next door I found one of the younger swingers getting a pounding. I had a bit of play with her and would have had a round with her but we were joined in the room by the lovely slim Japanese Sumire and before I knew what was happening I found myself on the bed with her for some fun.

In conclusion this was a very busy, but enjoyable party with a good mix of girls/ladies. I hope these new parties are successful and that I can get to another one sometime.

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