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Should A Man Be Forgiven For Cheating? By tokyo escorts

Updated: Feb 28

Women must be economically independent before they have the right to choose

From dating to marriage, girls may always worry about the other party's infidelity. Sometimes they even know that the other party has cheated, but they can't bear to separate, but they can't pretend that they don't know. The dilemma is very painful. Is it really possible for us to find someone who won't cheat? A boy who doesn't cheat is because he is escorts in tokyo enough. In fact, both men and women may cheat. This is not a problem of boys, but a problem of self-discipline.

The difference between humans and animals is that we can violate our nature, self-control, and use social norms and morals to restrict our behaviour. People who cheat are actually conforming to nature, lacking self-discipline, and not resisting primitive biological instincts.

From the perspective of nature, a logic can be deduced: people who can steal food are in line with their nature and let go of themselves, and those who do not steal food are contrary to nature and self-management. A person who violates his nature is because of morality and various considerations. He thinks this thing is wrong, so he "chooses not to do it." Everyone usually steps on the moral point of view, and thinks that it is right to be dedicated, and stealing is wrong. I suggest that you can think about it the other way around, and look at it from the perspective of nature: if stealing is more likely, but Is it difficult not to steal food?

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