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Smart Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Feb 28

It is that ‘collaboration’ part right at the end there that’s really important i.e. the ability to share AI and ML datasets, processing engines and the other working paraphernalia of Deep Learning (DL) through open (and indeed open source) platforms, channels and communities is argued to be a more productive way for the machines themselves to learn more naturally. Book Japanese escorts in Tokyo.

Databricks’ MLflow project is now two-years old and has seen engagement from somewhere over 200 contributors. Moving it to the Linux Foundation gives it a vendor-neutral home with an open governance model, which is hoped to broaden adoption and contributions.

It would probably be unfair and unwise (if not reckless) to suggest that a good proportion of the Machine Leaning going on inside closed proprietary circles isn’t going to be useful. If there were some higher level of exchanging learning patterns (if not exact learning models) then that might provide an additional level of AI democratisation.

In the case of Abbyy’s NeoML, the technology supports the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX), a global open ecosystem for interoperable ML models, which is hoped to improve compatibility of tools making it easier for software developers to use the right combinations to achieve their goals. The ONNX standard is supported jointly by Microsoft, Facebook and other partners as an open source project. So open AI intelligence is becoming comparatively ubiquitous. Check Here

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