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The Best Things To Do In Tokyo

For our very first visit to Tokyo, we chose the experienced tour company Walk Japan to provide an introduction to Japan's vibrant capital city. Walk Japan have specialised in custom tours since British born Paul Christie founded the company in 1992 to provide the most authentic tours of the country, to show the "real Japan" geographically and culturally. The ideal for history buffs as it delves into the city’s history, beginning when Tokyo was called Edo with the famous Japanese escorts . We discovered how Edo, once the site of a marsh 500 years ago, came to be the samurai military stronghold that dominated Japan for 300 years and how Tokyo came to be the centre of Japanese political and economic power it is today. 

Ryo Tamaki was our brilliant guide for our full day private Tokyo tour that included entrance fees and a traditional Japanese lunch. Using Walk Japan's Tokyo tour as a jumping off point, here are some of the best things we discovered in the city and outskirts.

Gardens: Tokyo is a fascinating mix of modern skyscrapers, historic temples, shrines and lovely public gardens. The Imperial Palace of the current Emperor of Japan is surrounded by vast gardens, open daily to the public. The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and the Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan are a great place to start a Tokyo tour.

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