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The New Year’s Celebrity Decor Ideas

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

As any host knows all too well, New Year’s Eve decor ideas can be surprisingly hard to come by. While other holidays—Halloween, Christmas, even birthdays—come with built-in color palettes, New Year’s Eve tends to perplex. Glitter, sequins and every shade of the rainbow are on the menu, outfit-wise, but what really is there to do for party decor?

The answer is less elusive than it appears: New Year’s Eve is an excuse for you to take your decor in any direction you so choose. And when in doubt, you can just emulate your clothing. Sparkles are always a good idea. You can never go wrong with black. And iridescent pieces offer you the chance to get in on the every-shade-of-the-rainbow thing without being too literal.

While DIY hotspots might point you in the direction of crafty New Year’s Eve decor ideas that promise to make your party as impressive (and delightfully over-the-top) as your outfit, some of us simply don’t have time to throw together homemade streamers, garlands, confetti and the like. We already have delicious New Year’s Eve dishes to whip up, after all. When will we find the time—in the four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve—to knock out a ton of DIYs, too?

どのホストでもよく知っているように、大晦日の装飾のアイデアは驚くほど手に入れることができません。他の祝日 - ハロウィーン、クリスマス、誕生日さえ - には内蔵のカラーパレットがありますが、大晦日は当惑する傾向があります。キラキラ、スパンコール、そしてあらゆる色合いの虹が、衣装の点ではメニューにありますが、パーティーの装飾に何ができるのでしょうか。



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