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Unforgettable Moment with Julia

Plenty of laughs along the way, and after an hour of absolute filth I ended with Julia splayed on the bed and receiving a big playful fun which though I say it myself was massive. Julia is a gorgeous sexy Japanese model with great attitude to be with.

Twenty minutes left for a friendly wind down and chat on my hotel sofa, all conducted with this lovely Tokyo escort stark naked and with her face still covered in blushing. Julia is a really nice model easy to talk to, nice personality, submissive and happy for me to take the lead.

Really outstanding. If Julia lived with me I would be bankrupt by now.

Started with the lap dance and a good spanking of that booty soon followed with some finger work. Julia on her knees for some OWO, may be a little too vigorous started at 100mph and asked her to slow down a little. Plenty of eye contact, and face slapping and tongue work. This was mixed with some serious face fucking. Time for some pussy eating, Julia may have climaxed not really sure. Tried the wand on her but again not sure if she reached a climax. Finished in my usual position kneeling across her chest and let her suck away until I was nearly ready to unload.

Finished the last few strokes myself to cover her face which she was happy to take, laughing at the end. Happy business trip in Tokyo.

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