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Ways Bartenders Organise Their Space

Updated: Feb 28

Much like the grocery and restaurant landscapes, the bar industry has seen a sizeable change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some establishments have dealt with the lockdown measures by pivoting to delivery cocktails or just plain retail to burn off some inventory, while others have hunkered down and waited for socially distant reopening.

In the meantime, many of their potential customers have formed new rituals, such as Zoom happy hours or virtual get togethers. Book your high class Tokyo escorts in Japan.

Keep dedicated bar equipment specific to this area. Towels or mini napkins for spills, small spoons and knives for flavourings and garnishes, swizzle sticks and other stirring essentials should be on hand, rather than rummaging through the junk drawer at the last minute. Use free wall space, below counter areas or even low ceiling underhands to build shelving or dedicated racks for glassware or decanters — removing those elements from the bar counter minimises the sounds of shattered glass and heartbreak. Consider cleanup elements such as dedicated areas for clean and dirty glasses, drying racks or bottle cleaners to make life easier at the end of the evening. Info

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