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The World’s Most Unique Explorer Yacht

Updated: Feb 28

It’s a real-life energy-efficient trimaran that’s been sailing the seas since 2012. In fact, you may have spotted her in marinas around the world, where she always attracted attention – of the good and bad variety. ADASTRA is certainly unique. Whether they love or loathe her design, people love to talk about her and the kind of owner who would commandeer her. It’s an explorer yacht for a brave individual – and if you’re one, she could be yours for a cool Celebrity Tokyo escorts $12 million.

To fully understand a yacht like ADASTRA, it’s important to get inside the head of the owner who commissioned McConaghy to build her.

In the words of the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, their initial ambition was: “to cross the oceans and explore the world.”

Think ‘explorer yacht’ and an image of a large ice-breaker vessel carving through polarscapes with a helicopter perched on top springs to mind, but this is only one type of explorer, as ADASTRA proves. She’s not built for the ice, she’s built for exploring tropical islands and remote lagoons where access is was made possible due to her shallowness – she has a draft of only 1.2m (3.9ft). More info

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